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11366 Ventura Blvd. Studio City,CA 91604


Kari Ann Peniche-Williams has just launched DAF House, a new luxury design, fashion and art firm. The first DAF House store front is open in Studio City at 11366 Ventura Blvd. 


THE Shop

 DAF House is a luxury design, fashion and art firm.  The company specializes in curated products, creative and organic projects, as well as artistic works that reflect the wild, fiery heart of DAF House's principal creator and founder.  DAF House offers many services beyond the boutique shopping experience such as interior decor services, custom furniture, personalized shopping that can be delivered to your home, gifting and commissioned art.   The first DAF House store front is open in Studio City at 11366 Ventura Blvd. 

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THE Family

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, DAF House owner Kari Ann Peniche-Williams is the wife of investment builder Justin Williams, and a loving mother to their two beautiful children – 6-year-old Preston and 3-year-old Layla. It was through the couples’ property development business that first led Kari Ann toward her true calling as an interior designer, and creator of artistic decor. Currently, the former beauty queen and reality star spends her time sketching new ideas, traveling with her family, and growing her brand.


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DAF House owner/Artist Kari Ann Peniche-Williams is drawn to thought provoking art that gets you to ask questions.  An enthusiast for street art in particular she decided to collaborate with local artists to make DAF extra special in the neighborhood by bringing graffiti and color to Ventura Blvd. and hopes other local businesses find ways to support the art community.  Whether you're driving or walking by DAF you will definitely want to stop and take a picture in front of this dope mural.  Check out the amazing work of Artists Colette Miller and Viral.