DANESON Flavored Toothpicks- 4 Pack

DANESON Flavored Toothpicks- 4 Pack


Toothpicks for people who sweat the small stuff! 4 packs- 12 toothpicks per vial.

Cinna Mint No.7 - is warm and spicy and classic that is slightly sweetened with a touch of peppermint, not sugar. In addition to cinnamon and peppermint expect notes of clove and honeysuckle.

Bourbon No.22 - Steeped in six-year-old cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon. Expect notes of oak, leather, caramel, and almond and hints of fruit once this toothpick is warmed up.

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Toothpicks for people who sweat the small stuff.

All natural.

American and Canadian made.

All good.

Daneson has built a following of dinner tables and beautiful characters since 2011.


Whether it’s Single Malt or Bourbon there is one thing to know about whiskey. The dominant tasting note for both these spirits comes from the oak barrels they are aged in. If at first glance, our toothpicks taste a lot like wood don’t be surprised - that’s the oak barrel leading the charge.  

If you give it a minute and a gentle bite, the essence of the spirit - the botanicals, extracts, and phenols - will start to release from deep inside the birch rewarding you with the more delicate and delicious tasting notes.